It's so nice to meet you

Greetings from the western part of Germany, near the vibrant cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne! While I call this place home, I am always up for a European adventure because, honestly, traveling is my second love - right after photography.

In a previous life, I was in the civil engineering game for quite a while. But my love for creativity, the excitement for life, and a strong pull towards genuine connections led me to follow my heart's true calling - photography. Turning my passion into a profession, and absolutely cherishing every heartfelt moment of it.

With every shot, I'm pouring out my love for art, movies, architecture, and all the wild ideas my imagination can cook up. Yet, what truly fuels the fire of my creativity is the chance to go on this visual journey with people I connect with.

My name is Darya


The ocean is my eternal muse. Whether I'm trying to ride ;) the waves on a surfboard, cruising on a boat, or just relaxing at the beach—being near the water is my go-to for ultimate tranquility, endless inspiration, and unfiltered joy.

Food, cooking, and wine are my jam. Love exploring bites from around the world, bringing those good vibes back home. But you know what really gets me? East European food. Cooking up those grandma recipes hits me right in the feels and keeps me connected to my Ukrainian roots.

My photography draws inspiration from dramatic films to gripping documentaries, intriguing biographies, the genius of Peter Lindbergh and Pablo Picasso, the cosmic wonders of astronomy, fashion spanning every era, and that irresistible vibe of 90's film photography.

what inspires me

Beyond photography, there are a few things that truly inspire and excite me. 

MY Philosophy


Before we jump into a shoot, I love hearing your thoughts, ideas, and your story. Because, honestly, the magic unfolds when we're both in sync during the process—it's a true collaboration. Creating an atmosphere where you feel completely at ease is my top priority. I want our creative journey to flow naturally and authentically, making it an experience that feels just right for you.

At weddings, it's a joy when guests approach me, wondering if I'm your friend —creating that friendly atmosphere is exactly what I aim for. To capture genuine, emotional moments, I believe being fully immersed in the day and connected with the community is crucial. It's not just a claim; it's my heartfelt goal.

I step away from the ordinary—your photos won't blend into the crowd. I celebrate individuality, melding your personalities with my vision of photography. The result? Uniquely extraordinary pictures that stand out.


words from my couples

Aug, 2023

Kristina & Justus


"She was absolutely perfect! Darya tuned into our expectations, interacted wonderfully with the guests, and managed to truly capture the emotions."

"Collaborating with Darya was an absolute pleasure! Our wedding photos are not just images; they are genuine works of art! "

SEP, 2023

Annette & Benjamin


"...her pictures an exceptional look and imparts a natural simplicity, allowing emotions to shine through fully and authentically!"

JUL, 2023

Madita &  Alex


TWO Souls ONE Story

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey. 

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